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CR8 Academy, Founder

Hi, I'm Clinae Colebrooke


I'm 30 years young and I've been quite intrigued with hairstyling from I was a toddler. I enjoyed having my hair styled and also watching others get their hair styled. This led me to experiment with styles on my hair, doll babies, my sister, family, and friends. The more I did it the better I got and this sparked the growth of my clientele.

My last year in high school, 

I worked part-time at a beauty supply store for four years (2010-2014) which became full-time when I graduated. After work, I would take hair appointments at my parents' house. I also did house calls. In 2013 I decided to expand my knowledge of cosmetology at B.T.V.I (a technical and vocational school). The teacher suggested that I should teach the braiding section of the course because she was aware of my talents and believed I was capable of teaching others. This was a great experience and it built my confidence even more. After I graduated from this school, they invited me back to teach short braiding courses. 

Working two jobs,

going to school, taking care of my two-year-old daughter at the time and taking care of myself was just too much of a strain on me. I began having thoughts of quitting my day job at the beauty supply store and doing hair full-time. My parents weren't fully down with me leaving my job but they allowed me to open a mini salon at home! In my second year of working from home, a salon owner asked if I would like to rent a booth at her salon and I took the offer. I worked there for about four months, left and decided to open my own salon, Cre8 Studio Salon.

Now out of my salon,

I'm able to offer one-on-one and hands-on courses, rent booths, sell hair products and now I have my own online academy where I can share my gift with people all over the world. 


The entrepreneur lifestyle can be tough at times but it feels so good to be my own boss and make money on my own terms. How much money I make is totally up to me. I believe, in this life, it is important to have more than one source of income. If you have multiple bills, things you want and need then you need multiple sources of income. Learning a valuable skill is just one-way you can bring extra income. 

Hair braiding is definitely a valuable skill to have because it's trending amongst millions of people, it can be marketed to children, men, women, and the elderly. If you can just master one braiding technique you can use that to bring in a sufficient amount of funds each week. With hair braiding skills and the use of social media marketing, you can make money literally anywhere in the world.

Investing in Cre8 Academy 

braiding courses will be one of

the smartest moves you ever make in this lifetime. 


Cre8 Academy is here to inspire everyone to create the life you want, make it happen! No overthinking or procrastinating just do it because you will never know what the outcome will be if you don’t do it. Every decision you make in life will either be a blessing or a lesson that will contribute to your growth.

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